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  1. I have noticed an increase in neck pain, shoulder pain, arm pain, and back pain in people lately. There is a good chance this could be due to excess smart phone usage. Looking down for long periods of time can cause tightness in yourneck and pulling in you back. Might be time for a massage to reset muscles (or cut down on phone time:)
  2. Don’t forget to stretch, move, and keep loose. TIGHT MUSCLES= AN IRRITATED MIND!
  3. Intensity= injury.  Dedication= progress
  4. Recent research shows that the majority of people consume 40% more calories than they think they do, and expend 40% less calories than they think they do.

2 thoughts on “Tips & Advice

  1. hi – how much are your sessions? i work in the berkshire corp complex and i’m looking for a work out option. i would love to do a 30 minute session. also – do you do pairs or groups?


    • Hi Leslie,

      I’m so sorry but we had a major technical issue with the website. Yes, we would be able to get you into the schedule! Feel free to call and schedule your free consultation with John at 203-778-5753.

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